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Welcome to the site for Republic India Coins.

This site will have all the information about Currencies and Coins of republic India, be it Definitive, Circulating Commemorative, NCLTs or Prof sets. It also has sections for regular update and news and info about what is happening in the Coin World in India. Tons of information articles for a new collector as well interesting ones for the Old Timers. Info on Laws applicable to Coin Collectors, Storage of Coins, Cleaning of coins or themes to collect.

The currency section itself will have everything one needs to know about Indian Currency, the Designs, the Governors who issued them along with tons of information.

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  1. What is the difference between rare and scarce ?

  2. On this website while classifying certain coins, I have used a 4 point grade, plenty, scarce, rare and very rare. However these are just play of words and nothing much.

  3. Dear Admin,

    This Proof Set is not seen in the list:

    India 1997 Inter-Parliamentary Conference

    I came across this set in the following link:,5033.45.html

    Do you have any info about this set?

  4. This is amongst the unissued set. There were no bookings. Few sets were distributed to dignitaries. Exact quantity unknown. Mostly seen outside India. The only coin to have double mint mark, i.e. 2 diamonds.

  5. Dear Admin,

    The info on proof sets in this website is fabulous. Is it possible to add one more information: number of sets issued mint-wise.

    This would enable the coin collectors to know which sets are rare.

    Thanking you in advance.

  6. Dear admin
    Are the acharya tulsi proof and UNC set coins released? Someone has already listed the sets on eBay. I'm confused.

  7. Images of Rs.5000,10000 and 50000 are not given.

  8. Yes I am looking at sourcing them as well as Gulf Notes.

  9. Is it possible to have a list of all the Star Notes under each of the Prefix numbers?

  10. The list is available in the currency index and also as Excel in the download section

  11. S.D.Chaugule
    In Rupees 2/- part serial no 32 image is missing. If you want I will send UNC note for your use. It should to me when it is done in the same condition. Waiting for your response.

    1. Thanks for the offer. The cost of postage to you and me, we can buy the note. Let me check, I have the note, not sure why the images are missing. If you have star series notes and can send images It would be great.

  12. I have got 98% of star notes issued in all denominations.I am prepared to spare for taking images, provided some one takes images. You can workout details and let me know. Exchange of views can be made through email id.

    1. Sir can you drop me a mail at indiacoinadvisor@yahoo. Thanks

  13. I am collector of notes and not seller.

  14. I am a newer,please guide me to book commemorative coin sets

    1. Read the article

  15. Can you tell me where I can get I can get news regarding upcoming new issue, can I get it on my gmail I'd , please can you add me to mailing list

    1. Keep reading news and Info section on this blog. There is a telegram channel you can subscribe to.