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I am selling spares that I have. Currently following items are available for sale;

  • C Subramaniam - UNC - Mumbai Mint - Rs 4000/-
  • Income Tax - UNC Set - Rs 5000/-
  • 1965 Operations - Proof - Rs 6000/-
  • Mata Vaishno Devi - Proof Rs 6500/-
  • Mata Vaishno Devi - UNC Rs 6000/-
  • Allahabad High Court - Proof Rs 4500/-
  • Allahabad High Court - UNC Rs 4000/-
  • Tatya Tope - Proof Rs 6000/-
  • Tatya Tope - UNC Rs 5500/-

Hyderabad Mint Single Coin Sets in Mint Condition:
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2007 - Kuka Movement - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2011 - Shaheed Bhagat Singh - Rs 700/-
  • Rs 2 Coin Set, 2009 - Louise Barille, First Issue - Rs 500/-
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2009 - Dr Rajendra Prasad - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2009 - Rabindranath Tagore - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - Mother Teresa - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2010 - RBI Platinum Jubilee - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - RBI Platinum Jubilee - Rs 600
  • Rs 2 Coin Set, 2010 - RBI Platinum Jubilee - Rs 500
  • Rs 1 Coin Set, 2010 - RBI Platinum Jubilee - Rs 500
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - C Subramaniam - Rs 500
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - Brihadeeswarar Temple Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 -  XIX Common wealth Games - Rs 700
  • Rs 2 Coin Set, 2010 -  XIX Common wealth Games - Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - Income Tax - Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2011 - Civil Aviation - Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2010 - ICMR - Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2011 - CAG - Rs 900
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - 60 Years of Kolkata Mint - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2012 - 60 Years of Parliament - Rs 900
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - 60 Years of Parliament - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - Motilal Nehru - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2011 - Madan Mohan Malaviya - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2012 - Mata Vaishno Devi - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - Mata Vaishno Devi - Rs 600
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - Swami Vivekananda - Rs 500
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2012 - Maulana Abul Kalam Azad - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2014 - Acharya Tulsi - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2014 - 60 Years of Coir Board - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2014 - Begum Akhtar - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2014 - Nehru - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2015 - Jamshetji Tata - Rs 700
  • Rs 5 Coin Set, 2015 - BHEL - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2015 - Swami Chinmayananda - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2015 - Yoga Day - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2015 - Dr BR Ambedkar - Rs 700
  • Rs 10 Coin Set, 2016 - Allahabad High Court - Rs 700

Mumbai Mint Coin Cards:

  • Rs 10 Coins Set, 2008 - Ter Centenary of Gur-Ta-Gaddi - Rs 500
  • Rs 5 Coins Set, 2010 - Brihadeeswarar Temple - Rs 500

Incase you are interested in any of these, please drop a mail to
Payment in advance via wire transfer to my Bank Account.
Shipping will be by speed post and it will take 3-4 days to ship the item.
Items not listed above can be arranged, however it would take more time.


  1. sir could you tell me the address of Mumbai mint counter for sale of coins . And could you please tell me the procedure for getting coins from there ? And what all coins are available there ?

  2. Read the post there is FAQ question 4. The Mumbai Mint is at Fort [near Fountain/CST] next to RBI Building.

  3. Hello, i live in US and for registration link with mints ( Mumbai & Kolkotta and Hyderabad) i don't option for USA residents, is there any particular reason or they forget ? all other world countries are listed.

  4. Yes that definitely is a mystery. Mails to mint have gone unanswered. Easiest is get it over to someone in India and have it shipped across.

  5. Hello there,

    I was late in checking the date for the 125h birth Anniversary of DR. Ambedkar. the date was bettween 10.12.2015- 10-03-2016 . I downloaded the form on 10th but not sure if the mint will accept if i send it now . Please advice , do i go ahead and send my order or just let it go for now. Thanks.

    1. Generally mint's don't take bookings after close date. You can try your luck ... But my suggestion would be to buy from dealers.

  6. Thanks for your response.

    Had one more question. Is there any Mint Counter for coin sale in Kolkata? if yes then can you kindly give me the address. Thanks once again.

    1. The Kolkata mint is in Alipore. Alipore Mint Colony, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053. Google maps should help you. Read the article on buying from mint. The Dr Ambedkar set may not be available in Kolkata mint counter. No harm checking. In past there were only two sets of Mumbai mint available in Kolkata mint and vice versa.

  7. Sir i want to know how to varify 50 paise coin with rihino back on coin
    How to varify that its real or not

    1. They are all FAKES. Read the book in download section.

  8. Hi.. I missed the deadline to book the 500 rs denomination coin for the Indo African Summit.

    Is there any way I can procure it now or do you know someone who has booked extra and will be teady to sell.

    1. If you get lucky, there may be re-booking. Few coins in past had re-booking. Wait for despatch, you can buy from dealers.

  9. Sir I want to buy Proof & UNC Set of Banaras Hindu University. I am trying from 15th Nov 2016. But I am not getting booking form online. I will send D.D of amount with form by Post.. When n How should I get That Form????
    Please let me knoe before its let.....

    1. The form should be available on mint website. If you are booking for first time read

  10. Where can we buy the new released UNC coins online at a favorable price? Or is there any option to get them via post from the post office?

    1. Read news and info. You can order online directly from mint.

  11. Hello . Are these commemoratives coins worth buying ? Can we easily sell them ?

    1. It is individual opinion. Passion let investment. Read various biginners posts on Articles

  12. Hello i have no idea about the price of old notes, but recently heard the news of selling 1 rupee note for a crore. Can you please let me know about how to rate the value of 1 rupee note...?

    I have 1 rupee notes with Montek singh ahluwalia 1991 and 1992 notes. How much value do they have in the market...

    Can we sell them on ebay and how to estimate its cost?

    1. 1 crores for the note is incorrect. Download the excel in download tab
      Read how to sell in article tab

  13. Sir, I want to purchase 2 Rs coin of Deshbandhu Chitranjandas Hydrabad mint{1998}. I Have one but there is scratch on it.


  14. Is there a time gap between release of a commemmorative coin and its availability for purchase online? Because so many coins eg., Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, University of Mysore Centenary etc. are not announced for online booking. Can you please enlighten?


    1. Yes. There is a gap of 3 mins to 3 years

  15. Thank you for your kind response

  16. How to purchase a coin at the point of its release? Normally I see that the release precedes the online sales made available to the collectors. Regards,

    1. One can't buy at the time of release. One has to wait for online sales for collectors

  17. I believe Swami Chinmayananda Coins were available with Chinmaya Mission Offices...? I got the only purchase delivered very recently..

  18. Hello!

    How do you buy the VIP sets of the commemorative coins? I heard some are available for sale at the counter of the Mint at Mumbai and Kolkata. I am from a small city. How do I procure them? I would be much obliged for the guidance.


  19. I saw a J.TATA commemorative ₹5 Hyderabad coin. Is it minted, I have not found any details in web.

  20. Are any coins available for across the counter purchase at Hyderabad? If yes, where is the retail sale counter for commemorative coins in Hyderabad?

  21. i have booked begum akhatar coin from kolakata mint during 2015 not yet been received

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