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All the Indian Mints now are part of SPMCIL, a Corporation created for this purpose. They have adopted a standard Software for Booking Coins and displaying info regarding coins. The links of each of the site are given below. If you are first time booking the coins from Mints, read the article Booking coins from Mint. Note the commemorative Proof and UNC coins are booked by Mints and Not RBI [Reserve Bank of India] 
You have to register first time to use the site. Please give a correct email ID and more importantly remember the HINT given to reset the password. The password expire if you don’t login for 3 months. Typically the need to login is once in 6 months, so one invariablly ends up having to reset the password. Hence its useful to have correct email ID and more importantly to remember the HINT; to reset the password.

Indian Mints and RBI Websites
           Online Coin Booking Link
           Products Available Link
           Counter Sale Products

You have to register first time to use the site.
The Mumbai Mint also displays the Sets that are available from the Mint counter. Although this is not updated regularly, its still a good reference to see what commemorative coin sets are available from the Mint counters
Mumbai Mint Old Website
http:// www. mumbaimint . in: This is not longer operational by Mumbai Mint. Its taken over by someone else
           Online Coin Booking
           Products Available

Unlike Mumbai Mint, Kolkata Mint does not provide the list of products available from Mint Counter.
           Online Coin Booking
           Products Available

The Hyderabad Mint Maintains a good update of the Previous products. The Mumbai Mint or Kolkata Mint need to improve in this regard.
As the Noida mint uses the same software, there are links for Product Booking and Customer Login. However so far Noida Mint has not issued any Proof or UNC sets and thus the links are not useful.

A good webiste by Reserve Bank of India to illustrate the various coins that were struck.

Discussion Boards / Forums
  • World of Coins: A good forum for discussion about not only Indian coins, but almost all coins on the earth. Quite a few good Numismatists are there and a good place to build ones knowledge.

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  • Classical Numismatic Gallery
  • Maru Auctions
  • Rajgors
  • Tody Auctions

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