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General Articles
Coin Minting Process
Error Coins
     Design - P1
     Die Making P2
     Planchet P3
     Strike P4
     Strike - Continued P5
     Mules P6
Pattern Coins of India
PNC - Philatelic Numismatic Combinations
Journey through Indian Definitive -
     Major Design wise P1 P2
     Denomination Wise P3 P4

Round Up of 2011
A Tale of 3 Designs
Coin Cleaning

Mule or Die Variation or Error
           Die Varieties sold as Mules
Hyderabad Mint Single Coins Sets
Single Coin Sets - To Buy Or Not
Story of Re-Strikes

Coin Booking from Mint
Coin Booking Adv
Coin Art

Unreleased Commemoratives - Part 1
Coin Investigations - Part 1

Indian Gold Coin


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  1. When I downloaded the details of proof and unc sets with costs I found that print out is not coming these are locked could you pl help how to take out print out of this

  2. Let me take a look over the weekend and will revert.

  3. HSir,about when the bookings of launched proof sets and unc sets will get open.from whom we should buy sets dealer or auction house as dealer quote higher price and in auction the same sets are sold at lower price pl guide us

  4. When new coin sets are launched, there is Adv from Mint. One has to book and buy directly from Mint. To buy older sets from Markets, it depends at times the sets from Dealers are cheaper, at times on eBay, at times on Auction houses. Keep study the market for 6-8 months before you buy anything.

  5. When will mints start to book proof set of mata vaishno devi coins

  6. There is still some litigation going on ... see the New & Info section, it will give the details when the bookings open.

  7. Is the RBI getting out Coins in the denomination of Rs.60, 75, 150, 500 and 1000...

  8. For Circulation NO. As NCLT issue Yes various denominations have come for collectors to collect, except Rs 500.

  9. Sir,when I opened the site spmcil,Kolkata for booking the sets, it is showing there is no products for booking pl guide

  10. Still being set-up. Generally its open on the day bookings are open. At times there is a delay of 1-2 days. Don't worry, it should start showing the products shortly.

  11. Pls provide all likes to die variety coins of India..... Can't find all at one place....Thanks in advance ....

  12. I wanted to buy VIP set of B.R.Ambedkar,but I was unable to get it because there was only proof & UNC as option.
    Can you tell me how numismatists get VIP sets & are they costlier than proof sets?

    1. VIP set's are not available via bookings. Of late, the mint sells the VIP set's that are left after release function. You can visit Mumbai mint for Ambedkar set. The price is generally 10-20% more than proof. Quite a few dealers should also be able to help you

  13. Have you ever bought anything from counter sale(Mumbai mint)?
    I want to go there to buy International Yoga day coin,I don't know at what time to reach there,whether there is rush or not as it takes 1 hour to reach there from my place.What if I reach there at 11 am?Do I get tokens to enter or they might have been finished by then.
    Thanks again.

    1. Been there in past quite a few times. Not in recent year or so. Best reach by 10:00 am. Read point 4 of FAQ