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Specimen Note  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3
Know your Currency
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Persian Gulf and Haj Notes

Currency Details with Images

One Rupee: This is covered in 7 part article

Two Rupees: This is covered as 3 part article.

Five Rupees: This is covered as 4 part article

10 Rupees: This is covered as a 10 part article along with 3 for Star Series
Star Series Notes

20 Rupees: This is covered as a 6 part article along with 3 for Star Series

Star Series Notes

50 Rupees: This is covered as a 6 part article along with 3 for Star Series

Star Series Notes

100 Rupees: This is covered as a 7 part article along with 2 for Star Series

Star Series Notes

200 Rupees: This is covered as a 1 part article along with 1 for Star Series

Star Series Notes
Pat 1

500 Rupees: This is covered as a 5 part article along with 1 for Star Series

Star Series Notes

1000 Rupees: This is covered as a 4 part article

2000 Rupees: This is covered as a single post

Lists of Currencies Governor - Denomination wise [Also available as XLS, refer download tab]
  1. List of One Rupee
  2. List of Notes by Governors - CDDeshmukh  | Benegal Rama Rau | KG Ambegoankar | HVR Iyengar | PC Bhattacharya
  3. List of Notes by Governors - LK Jha | BNAdarkar | S Jagannathan
  4. List of Notes by Governors - NC Sen Gupta | KRPuri | M Narasimhan
  5. List of Notes by Governors - IGPatel | Manmohan Singh 
  6. List of Notes by Governors - Amatav Gosh | RN Malothra
  7. List of Notes by Governor - S Venkatramana 
  8. List of Notes by Governor - C Rangrajan
  9. List of Notes by Governor - Bimal Jalan 
  10. List of Notes by Governor - YV Reddy
  11. List of Notes by Governor - D Subba Rao 
  12. List of Notes by Governor - Raghuram Rajan
Currency Issues of current Year


  1. What is the meaning of "Wrong Kashmari" in 100 Rupees Note?

    1. Is that possible to buy or collect specimen notes?

  2. When the Currency was being printed ... there was a debate as to what should be the plural of Rupee in Hindi, should it be Rupaya or Rupaye.
    Initially if you see the older notes, in Hindi you would find it written as "ya" ... finally the debate was settled and the correct form was "ye". There were similar debates for Urdu as well as Kashmiri ... and incorrect kashmiri or urdu indicates the older written form than the agreed correct form.

  3. sir why cobalt blue currency of 100 is expensive and to most M NARISHMHAM AND S JAGGNATHAN is un affordable
    sir is it true that some people treat currency by cemical to make it unc quality and how we as i dont have much knowledge can check which currency is treated and which one is natural

  4. Why certain notes are expensive is just a question of demand and supply. Narishmhan was governor only for 6 months and hence less note were printed. Hence some of his notes are expensive. S Jagannathan apart from the Rs 50 fist issue and the Rs 100 cobalt blue are not expensive. Again in collecting there is no logical reason for anything being expensive ... its simply the price someone is willing to pay.

  5. Hi there,

    I am having a no number 1000 rs. note, is there any rarity in it and can it fetch a good value. Please let me know.


  6. A Note without a number is an error note. Is the number missing on both top right and bottom left corners?

    Such errors are definitely rare and if your note is in Mint condition, then it will fetch a good amount, at-least 5 to 10 times the value depending on who's signed it etc ... if possible mail me a scanned image.

  7. This site is providing an excellent doorway to the collectors...I got more than useful information form the same. Thank to the owner of the blog. Also i do have images of the notes missing from the list. Plz sendme your mail id. I can send u the same if you require........

  8. Where are the star currencies available . Like coins do we have facility to book proof and UNC of notes in any Govt Press. Pl give guidance


  9. Star currencies are available with dealers. If you get lucky, you can find one in circulation. There is no facility to book notes

  10. Excellent blog !! Very Very informative

  11. Very informative.

  12. I have an one rupee bundle 1992 fresh and fine condition. So i said it is UNC. But one person told it is not UNC.pls admin help me when we would say a bundle is UNC

  13. Please add persian Gulf notes price & photos in your website

  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I am trying to source the images. This is scheduled for sometime early next year.

  15. I like to know that how people decided that this note or bundle belongs to any series?

    For example: we have A1 to A59 series for 1Re note. Now say I have 1 Re note and I want to decide which series it does belongs. On what basis we can do so?

    We say KRK Menon is A1. Why on what basis?

    As its very clear that there is no mentioning of such series exists on Currency notes or even on RBI bank information.

  16. You are right, RBI has just printed notes. However in coin collecting one is interested in themes. To make things easier a leading / well known collectors comes out with a Book. In order to easily identify the notes a numbering convention is adopted. A - Means Rs 1, B - Rs 2 etc. And a running number giving different types [Governor, Insets, etc]. As Jhunjunwala's book is most popular in Indian Currencies and the numbering convention used by him is most popular with collectors and dealers. This becomes very convenient for people to refer and avoids confusion. So the

  17. hello sir,
    the list of paper currencies issued in 2015 is not there. please try to complete the list with all types of inset which are issued.


  18. This is work in Progress. See the post

  19. Hello sir,
    I have a 500 Rs currency note printed in 2014, but consists Mr.SubbaRao's signature. But during that time governor was Mr.Raghuram Rajan. So is it a collectible item ?

    SN Bhat.

  20. It is a collectible for someone who does currencies. The note is pretty common.

  21. Can you give a list of all the serial numbers of the star notes in circulation under denomination, governor, inset letter and prefix? Awaiting an early response.
    a v krishna rao

    1. Check the excel in download section.

  22. Hi,

    I have Rs. 100 Note sign D.Subbarao UNC condition without fully blank one side (No printing back side)
    is it rare ?
    Price ?

  23. Hi,
    I have checked 'NOTES AND COINS IN CIRCULATION' from RBI Website. I note few interesting facts.
    1. Two Rupee note may printed in 2007-2008 as well as 2010-2011.
    2. Five Rupee note may printed in 2013-2014.

    Can you please cross check and update it

    1. There is no rs 2 note after 1996

    2. Please check RBI data for Two Rupee note were in circulation
      2006-2007 4.47 billions
      2007-2008 6.36 billions
      2009-2010 6.98 billions
      2010-2011 8.51 billions

      Without print 2 Rupee note, how can note increase in circulation ?

    3. Can you post the link to the data you are referring to.

    4. Please download PDF from RBI Website

    5. This is strange. Currency in circulation almost double. It looks like to be an accounting issue as to what RBI treats "Currency in Circulation". However I am confirm 100% there were no Rs 2 notes printed after 1996. If it was small number, one could have said, they were printed but not distributed. However the timing and quantity does not match the theory and hence invalid. No clue why there is such a large discrepancy.

  24. There were also notes of Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 which were introduced in 1949 and discontinues in 1954.

    Some articles also mention that these notes were re-introduced and later banned in 1978.
    You may want to check and add it to your blog.