One Rupee Note - Part Seven

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2015 - Rajiv Mehrishi, L Inset
After a gap of nearly 20 years the Rs 1 was printed again. The design elements remain same as the previous Oil Rig issue, however it had the New Rs 1 coin as well as small changes to design elements.
Design: New Oil Rig
IPM: A60

2015 - Rajiv Mehrishi, Star L Inset
The Star series notes were also introduced along with this issue.
Design: New Oil Rig

2016 - Ratan P Watal, L Inset
Design: New Oil Rig
IPM: A61


  1. sir why are these notes unavailable even now?i have never seen one in circulation.was it really released for circulation?

    1. It was released for circulation. The quantity is relatively less. Few million PCs. quite a few banks have given these at face value to individuals. These are available with dealers at nominal rate

  2. I have seen new one rupee note signed by sashikanth das in ebay for sale. I have not seen any news item about that. is it correct?

  3. There are new 1re. Shaktikand Das 2017 notes, in telescopic numbering and star serial numbers.