Definitive Coins

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This section is still under construction.

Right now the list of coins mint wise is already put up. The Anna Series is also complete.
The Rs 10, Rs 5, Rs 2 & Rs 1 and Paise 50 is complete. The work is in progress for 25 Paise.
Contribution of images is welcome.

The revised ETA for this looks 2018 Year End. I have some basic work done, but quite a bit of work is pending. Spending most of the time on keeping the Commemorative / Proofs / Currencies section up to date

General Articles on Definitive

Journey through Indian Definitive Series Wise               P1  P2
Journey through Indian Definitive Denomination Wise   P3  P4
A Tale of 3 Designs


Coins Year & Mint & Die-Variety Wise

Anna Series

1 Paise
[Work in Progress]

2 Paise
[To Begin]

3 Paise
Part 1

5 Paise
[Early 2017]

10 Paise
[Early 2017]

20 Paise
Part 1

25 Paise
[Work in Progress Target Completion Dec 2016]

50 Paise
Part 1   Part 2     Part 3    Part 4

1 Rupee
Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

2 Rupees
Part 1    Part 2

5 Rupees
Part 1    Part 2

10 Rupees
Unity in Diversity
Connectivity and IT
New Rupee Symbol

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