Definitive Coins - 20 Paise

Series 1: Nickel Brass Lotus Design 

The 20 Paise was first introduced in 1968. The metal used was Nickel Brass. This was supposed to be the first of a series of coins that would have national symbol on it, ie the National Flower, National Bird, National Animal, etc. However after introduction of Nation Flower, the plans for other coins was scrapped.The colour of coin also led people to believe these were gold coin as they looked like the yellow metal. The denomination did not gain popularity and after a short run of 4 years they were discontinued and appeared for a brief while 10 years later.
There were 2 commemorative also issued in 1969 and 1970 with denomination of 20 paise.

Series II – Aluminium Coins

The second design of 20 paise made a come back after nearly 10 years. The metal used was Aluminium. There were 2 commemorative coins as well issued.

1989 Hyderabad Mint, Lettering Variety
Image Credits: Shubho Bose

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