Definitive Coins - 50 Paise - Part 1 - Nickel Issues

This topic is organized in multiple posts.

  • First Post gives the details of Nickel Issues
  • Second Post gives the details of Cupro-Nickel Issues
  • Third Post gives the details of Stainless Steel Issues
  • Fourth Post gives the details of Stainless Steel Issues

50 Paise First Series:
The 50 Paise coins were available from 1947, they were called “Half Rupee”. See the anna series for more info.
When India adopted the decimal coinage in 1957, the value of ½ rupee remained same. It was called 50 Paise. In order to ease the transition from Anna system to decimal system, the coin was also called 8[Aath] Anna. The coins continued to be struck in Pune Nickel. They were minted from 1957 to 1963.
Note the Nickel attracts to Magnets. There are quite a few errors when Curpo-Nickel was introduced in coinage, but has higer Nickel content and hence classified as “OMS – Off Metal Strike” errors.

Image Credits: Ponpandi Perumal

50 Paise Second Series:
After the decimalization of coins in 1957, when the paise was called “Naya” Paise to distinguish between the old paise that was 64th of a rupee to the New Paise that was 100th of rupee. The design and other details remained same. The coins were struck from 1964 to 1971. The 3rd series saw the metal changed.
Three different Dies were used leading to quite a few die varieties for given year. Along with some Rim Varieties.

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