Fifty Rupee Note - Star Series - Part Three

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This post is organized as a Six part series along with three post on Star Series.
Part 1: Notes by S Jagannathan, KR Puri, Narasimham, I G Patel, Manmohan Singh, RN Malhotra, S Venkitaramanan
Part 2: Notes by C Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan
Part 3: Notes by YV Reddy
Part 4: Notes by D Subba Rao
Part 5: Notes by Raghuram Rajan
Part 6: Notes by Urijit Patel
Star Series, Part 1: Notes by YV Reddy, D Subba Rao
Star Series, Part 2: Notes by Raghuram Rajan
Star Series, Part 3: Notes by Urijit Patel

This post covers the details of notes issued by Urijit Patel

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