Mystery Coins - Unreleased Commemoratives - Part 1

This article tries to put together a list of coins that are supposed to be announced for released but never got released for some reason. There is no info as to whether they were actually approved or not.

The Coins of the Nabakalebar Rath Yatra were to be released in 2015, to coincide with the event. However there was quite a bit of controversy over the design. The design did not get approved in time, at by 2016 as well; the designs were not firmed up. The designs proposed by Mint were not acceptable to temple authorities and ones by Temple Authorities were not agreeably to Mint. Given that there was a coin on Biju Patniak, ex Chief Minister of Odisha [earlier Orissa] state, this issue finally got scrapped.

The Coins on Bhisham Sani were supposed to be released in 2016 along with 7 other coins. There is also a presss release announcing the same. However the coin was not put into circulation.

There was a press release about coins on Birth Centenary of Bhisham Sahni. However it looks like due to tons of releases in the year 2016 and 2016, this coin did not make it to final approaval and release. For PIB refer here.

There was a press release about a coin of 50 Years of SAIL [Steal Authority of India]. This was to be released by Minister of State for Steel Shri Jitin Prasada. However the coin was never released.For the PIB refer here.

Coins of Rs 50 [Silver], Five Rupee and Two Rupee coin to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Republic. These were never released. This is not to be mixed with Independence Jubilee coin released in 1997 or the Supreme court coins in 2000. More here

Commemorative Coins on Birth Centenary Sri Gulzarilal Nanda coins in 1998. There is a press release from PIB that mentions that there was in principal approval from them Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. However there was no coin release but definitely a stamp was released. For the PIB refer here

50th Anniversary of United Nations. The Original Plan by Govt was to release coins of Denomination Rs 100 in Silver and Rs 50 in Cupro-Nickel as per circular dated 9-Jan-1995. However only the Rs 5 coins were put into Circulation and there was no sight of other denominations. This could be more because of capacity issues at the mint.

Other reported coins in RBI Statement of Commemorative Coins for General Circulation
  • 5 Paise 1980 Rural Women's Advancement
  • 10 Paise 1983 World Food Day
  • 1 Rupee 1986 Fisheries (World Food Day) [reportedly minted during 1988/89] 
However it looks like these coins were never minted.

Themes that were not approved.
500th anniversary of the coronation of Vijayanagar dynasty ruler Sri Krishnadevaraya


  1. Hi

    Can you please let me know whether there is any C INSET one rupee note signed by Bhoothalingam.

    Sometimes I see such a note on ebay, but think there exist only B inset notes signed by him

  2. There are no "C Inset" in Bhoothalingam. There are prefix's in C. Havent seen one on eBay. Can you put up the link. Notes are listed here