Coin Investigations

This articles tries to look into some of the coins that are claimed to exists but not fully agreed by various fellow collectors.

Rs 1 1985 International Youth Year – Hyderabad Mint

The International Youth Year coin was only supposed to be minted by Mumbai and Kolkata. However in 2014 for the first time I saw a Hyderabad Mint coin. As this is the only coin I have seen, I can’t comment if it was truly minted by Hyderabad. The mint mark does look like Hyderabad Mint. However there are no other reported coins to my knowledge. At times an extra metal/struck through type error looks like a mint mark. This is more often with round dots and diamonds. To get an star shape is quite a bit of luck.
Verdict: Inconclusive

Image Credits: eBay Seller: manmai.coins.notes

Rs 10 2010 Hyderabad Mint
Came across this coin supposed to the Hyderabad Mint. However this looks more like die break and extra metal giving the impression of Hyderabad Mint.
Verdict: No 2010 Hyderabad Mint

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