1967 - Decimal Series Coin Set

The second of the Decimal series coin set issued in 1967, the first Decimal series being issued in 1962. Overall was the 5th issue after definitive issues 1950, 1954, 1962 and first commemorative issue of 1964.
This was after the first commemorative coin set issued of Jawharlal Nehru in 1964. This was followed by quite a few commemorative issues. The next decimal issue standard coin set had to wait till 2012, till the adoption of the new Rupee symbol.
One very interesting thing about this set is that the Rs 1 coin in the set is struck from Kolkata Mint in the year 1962. As to why a coin set issued in 1967 should carry a coin struck in 1962 is hard to explain. It could be that the Rs 1 coins were not struck in large quantities in those periods. The only coins in circulation are of date 1950, 1954, 1962, 1970 [scarce]. It was only in 1975 when the Rupee coins is struck every year. Generally all the coins in the sets are struck from a single mint. This is the only other set [the first being 1962] in Republic India where the set contains a coin struck at different mint. This is the only set to have a coin of mixed years in the set.
This along with the Definitive issues of 1950 and 1954, 1967, 1968 are among the rare and few definitive series issued Of course there are other definitive issues in the year 2011 and a partial set in 1970.
Being among the early sets of Republic India, the condition of the set has to be taken in the context of how the mints packaged. Being inexperienced, the mints packed this in ordinary cardboard by punching holes in it. And supposedly to protect coin used butter paper. Butter paper at that time was fancy. Thus finding the coin set in extremely good condition is next to impossible as however well preserved, the card board would show signs of wear and more often the butter paper would get torn off.
Most of the well preserved sets are outside of India as coin collecting was still in infancy in India during those period and collectors did not know much of storage of coins.
One can find quite a few individual coins that are slabbed to preserve and very few in the Original card board package remain intact. One can hardly see a set or two changing hands every year.

The Plastic strip was first introduced for UNC set in 1962 was carried out here. Thus distinguishing between a proof and UNC set is quite easy as the packaging itself is quite different.

Proof Set Set: 8 Coins Set in red Card board pack

UNC Set: 8 Coins Set in Strip
Coins of Rs 1 and Paise 50, 25, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1
Note the Rs 1 coin was not stuck in 1967. The Rs 1 coin stuck in 1962 was included in the set

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