1968 - Decimal Series Coin Set

First seen in 2014, there were quite a few such sets that hit the market. Supposed to be Proof Sets issued but unknown till now. Even the Coin Sets of India by Rajgor, Ravi Shankar and Manish did not classify this set.
Not sure as to how these sets were so far uncatalogued. However these have been listed by quite a few auction houses in India. One or two sets have made appearance outside India as well.
The coins are supposed to be same as the ones issued in the 1967 set. However there is no packaging in a card board box, but the coins are individually put into a paper envelope and there an overall envelope. The grade of the coins are also printed on the envelopes.
The Rs 1 continues to be 1962 from Kolkata Mint. Among rare sets of republic India

The next definite was issued in 2011 when the new rupee symbol was adopted.

Proof Set
All Coins in Paper Envelopes

Image Credits: Ragjor Auctions

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