1972 - Independence Jubilee - VIP and Proof Set

This post gives the details of the Proof Set. For UNC Set see Next Post

On the occassion of 25 Years of Independence, proof set and UNC were released in the year 1972.

Following are the details of the Issue;

VIP Set:

Coins of Rs 10 and 50 Paise in Velvet Box

Image Credits: eBay Seller: Coin_Vault

Proof Set:

Coins of Rs 10 and 50 Paise, plus regular coins of 1,2,3,5,10,25 Paise and 1 Rupee

Proof Set: Single Coins of Rs 10
The 1972 coin was also sold individually by mint in a plain paper envelope.

The image below is a coin set that is being sold on eBay US. Although this looks like the envelope was also from Mumbai Mint, it was infact manufactured by "Paramount Rare Coin and Currency". During those days it was easy to export coins in bulk outside India. There is also a PNC with this coin and the 1972 coin. This is the reason why these envelopes are not visible in India but are mostly visible in US.

I would like to thank Shri Ravi Shankar Sharma, a well known Numismatist for pointing this out to me.

UNC Set: Coins of Rs 10 and 20 Paise
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