1974 - Planned Families Food for All - UNC Set

This post gives the details of the UNC Set. For Proof Set, please refer to the previous post.

In the year 1974, under the development series the Food For All series was released as Proof Set and UNC Set.

Following are the details;

After 25 years of Independence and the commemorative coin that was launched in 1972; Beginning the year 1973, India started issuing development oriented coins every year. The date of release was 16th August every year. The theme for every year was different with a view to promote and develop all round the country.

The theme for Year 1974 was “Food for All”. Much before the FAO under World Food Day released similar theme in the year 1995.

Proof Set:
Refer to the Previous Post

UNC Set:
Coins of Rs 50 and Rs 10

There are quite a few fake coins of these available in the market.

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