1989 - Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary - UNC Set

This Post gives the details of the UNC Set. For Proof Set refer to the previous post.

In the Year 1989 to mark the 100 years of Jawaharlal Nehru a commemorative was issued. There was 4 Proof Set and 4 UNC sets.
The details are;

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first and to date the longest serving president of independent India, from the independence in 1947 to his death in 1964.
On the occasion on this Birth Centenary a commemorative coin was released. Jawaharlal Nehru enjoys the distinction of being the only person to have commemorative coins released twice.The first commemorative coin of independent India began by release of coin on Nehru's death in 1964.
Jawaharlal Nehru was a leading figure in the Indian independence struggle. He was a charismatic and radical leader who advocated complete independence from foreign rule and self governance. He is also known as "the architect of modern India" and "pandit Nehru" where pandit is an honorific for a scholarly and learned person or a teacher. His birthday; 14th November, is celebrated as children's day in India. His book “The discovery of India” gives a good history of evolution of India from ancient times to modern age.
In times when the world was polarized into NATO and WARSAW members backed by US and USSR, He started the Non Aligned movement in 1955 where one was not aligned to any super power; created the atmosphere of an neutrality giving lot of member countires to join a neutral world. Although there are 118 members in the NAM, with the collapse of USSR and the new world economic dependency; NAM is no longer relevant or important as it used to be earlier.
Jawarhal Nehru’s health started declining very quickly around 1960 and he died of a heart attack in 1964.

Proof Sets:
1. Set One: Coins of Rs 100, Rs 20, Rs 5 and Rs 1 on Stand
2. Set Two: Coins of Rs 100, Rs 20, Rs 5 and Rs 1 in case
3. Set Three: Coin Set of Rs 100 and Rs 20
4. Set Four: Single Coin of Rs 100

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UNC Set 1:
Coins of Rs 100, Rs 20, Rs 5 and Rs 1



UNC Set 2:
Coins of Rs 100 and Rs 20

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