1996 - 2nd International Crop Science Circle - UNC Set

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In the Year 1996 the Scheduled 2nd International Crop Science Circles Conference did not happen. The commemorative issues of VIP set was released, few coins of circulation commemorative were also released.

The details are;

Note 1:
There are fake coins being sold. Please refer to the post on Fake Coins for details.
Note 2:
There is nothing official about the sets re-struck in 2006. This was the first set to be re-struck. It can easily be identified as the Velvet box has "Kolkata" instead of the "Calcutta". This was the first and only time when an private businessman convinced Kolkata mint to restrike the sets and sell it to him. He later re-sold to many and made good money out of this. Realising this the mint may have started the business of re-strikes for other sets later in the year 2010.
Apart from the re-strike that was for small quantity, The other story out there is that someone found a bag of around 11,000 coins and did a brisk business of putting them into the boxes and making money.

The re-struck coins are supposed to have the "Shirorekha" broken; ostensibly due to die corrosion.
Every day, everyone is impacted by Crop Science. From the endless green fields of corn and soybeans which cover the Midwest, the vibrant yellows of sunflowers in Canada, the expansive rice patties of Asia, the vast acres of cotton drying under the hot Southwestern sun, to the lush green mountains of coffee growing in Central America, these crops do not just happen. Hard work on the part of the grower, aided by the crop sciences makes these crops possible.
Crop Scientists are at the intersection of plant and soil science and work to improve crops and agricultural productivity while effectively managing pests and weeds. They make this possible through the application of soil and plant sciences to crop production that incorporates the wise use of natural resources and conservation practices to produce food, feed, fuel, fiber, and pharmaceutical crops while maintaining and improving the environment.
The evolution and ongoing development of agriculture, enabled by science, is the focus of agronomists and crop scientists. Scientific research to enhance productivity while sustaining the integrity of ecological processes encompasses crop science, soil science, and environmental science. The research is communicated and transferred among agronomists and those in related fields on topics of local, regional, national, and international significance.
There are various Government and Private Organizations that undertake research in these areas. In order to promote and understand the development in these fields, various conferences are held at both national and International Levels.
The International conferences were first organized in the Year 1992 and it was decided to have these conferences ever 4 years. Every year there are different themes that are area of focus on which scientists from all over the world participate. So far there are five times the conference has been organized
·         The first was held in 1992 in Ames, Iowa, US
·         The second was held from 14th November to 17th November 1996 in New Delhi, India
·         The 3rd was held from 17th to 22nd August 2000 in Hamburg, Germany
·         The 4th was held in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia
·         The 5th was held from 13th April to 18th April 2008 in Jeju, Korea

Planned Next Conferences
·         The 6th from 16-Aug-2012 to 10-Aug-2012 in Bento Goncalves, Brazil

VVIP / VIP Sets:
2 Coins of Rs 5 in Red Velvet Box.
2 Coins of Rs 5 in Blue Box.
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UNC Set:

2 Coins of Rs 5 in Blister pack

UNC Set:

2 Coins of Rs 5 in Velvet Box

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