Error Coins - Design Errors - Part 1

This article gives out information on types of error coins. As the number of error coins classification is quite large, the article is divided into 6 Parts.

Part 1: Design Errors
Part 2: Die Making Errors
Part 3: Planchet Errors
Part 4: Strike Errors
Part 5: Strike Errors Continued
Part 6: Mules

Design Errors

It is very rare for such errors to occur. Often these are due to larger issues than a simple mistake or over sight as with other errors. Although the design work is proof read multiple times, there are at times some errors that creep into the design. IE the Master plaster sculpture has an error. The only coins classified as design errors[1] in Indian Coinage are;

  • The 1988 10 Paise coin minted at Ottawa mint: The “BHARAT” in Hindi is printed as “MARAT”. As the number of coins minted was large, these were not withdrawn from circulation. These coins were never withdrawn as the mintage was quite large.
  • The Rs 2 coin issued in 1996 on occasion of Birth Centenary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. It was realized after minting a large number of batch runs that the actual Birth Centenary is in 1997. Hence the 1996 coin was declared as Error Coin and withdrawn from circulation. There are still a substantial number of coins that are in circulation and with private collectors. The coin was reissued with correct date of 1997.
  • The 2006 Rs 5 coin for the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Lokamanya Balgangadar Tilak coin released initially had the Legend “Lokamanya Balgangadar Tilakji”. The word “ji” normally used as a respect in northern India was objected to be leaders in Maharashtra from where Lokamanya Balgangadar Tilak belonged. None of the earlier leaders [Including Gandhi & Nehru] had the “ji” appended. Hence the 2006 coin was declared as error and withdrawn from circulation. Quite a few of these coins still are in circulation and with private collectors. The new coin was minted in the year 2007 with “ji” dropped. The coins don’t have a date on reverse.

[1] The Rs 10 Coin released on the occasion of Birth Centenary of Homi Bhabha has a strange date of 2008 -2009. This date has no relevance. Typically the centenary dates are either marked as Birth Year – Centenary year or Birth Year – Death Year. However as the Government has not withdrawn and issued a clarification that the date was as per the directive of BARC.



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