1978 - Food And Shelter For All - Proof Set

This Post gives the details of Proof Set. For UNC Set please refer to the Next Post

In the Year 1978 under the Food and Shelter for All, a proof set and UNC set were released.

Following are the details;

After 25 years of Independence and the commemorative coin that was launched in 1972; Beginning the year 1973, India started issuing development oriented coins every year. The date of release was 16th August every year. The theme for every year was different with a view to promote and develop all round the country.

The theme for year 1978 was “Food & Shelter for All

Proof Set:
Coins of Rs 50, Rs 10 , 10 Paise and 5 Paise Plus Regular coins of 1,2,3,25,50 Paise and 1 Rupee

UNC Set:
Coins of Rs 50 and Rs 10

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