2010 - 1000 Years Of Bridadeeswarar Temple - UNC Set and Mint Card

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In the year 2010, to commemorate the 1000 Years of Bridadeeswarar Temple a commemorative Proof set and UNC Set was issued. This is for the fist time that an Rs 1000 Coin will be issued. A Rs 5 circulation coin was also issued.
The Details are;

The Peruvudaiyar Koyil or Brihadeeswarar Temple, also known as Rajarajeswaram, at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, is the world's first complete granite temple and a brilliant example of the major heights achieved by Cholas kingdom Vishwakarmas in temple architecture. It is a tribute and a reflection of the power of its patron RajaRaja Chola I. It remains as one of the greatest glories of Indian architecture. The temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The temple stands amidst fortified walls that were probably added in the 16th century. The 'Vimana' - or the temple tower - is 216 ft (66 m) high and is among the tallest of its kind in the world. The Kalash or 'Chikharam' of the temple is not carved out of a single stone as widely believed. There is a big statue of Nandi, carved out of a single rock, at the entrance measuring about 16 feet long and 13 feet high. The entire temple structure is made out of hard granite stones, a material sparsely available currently in Thanjavur area. Built in 1010 AD by Raja Raja Chola in Thanjavur, Brihadishwara Temple also popularly known as the ‘Big Temple’ has turned 1000 years in September 2010
To celebrate the 1000th year of existence of the grand structure, the state government and the town held many cultural events. It was to recall the 275th day of his 25th regal year (1010 CE) when Raja Raja Chola (985-1014 CE) handed over a gold-plated kalasam for the final consecration to crown the vimana, the 59.82 metre tall tower above the sanctum
On September 26, 2010 (Big Temple’s fifth day of millennium Celebrations), as a recognition of Big Temple’s contribution to the country’s Cultural, Architectural, Epigraphical history, a Special 5 Postage Stamp featuring the 216-feet tall giant Raja Gopuram was released by India Post. The Reserve Bank of India commemorated the event by releasing a 5 coin with the model of temple embossed on it.

UNC Set:
Coins of Rs 1000 and Rs 5

The Coins:

Mint Card: 
Single Coin of Rs 5

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