Five Rupee Note - Part Two

This article is a series of 4 Posts.
Part 1: Gives the details of Rs 5 Notes signed by B Ramarau, HVR Iyengar, PC Bhattacharya, LK Jha, BN Adarkar.
Part 2: Gives the details of Rs 5 Notes signed by S Jagannathan, KR Puri, M Narasimham, IG Patel, Manmohan Singh
Part 3: Gives the details of Rs 5 Notes signed by Amitav Ghosh, RN Malhotra, S Venkitaramanan, C Rangarajan, Bimal Jalan
Part 4: Gives the details of Rs 5 Notes signed by YV Reddy, D Subbarao

S Jagannathan, Incorrect Urdu, No Inset
The Five Rupees written in Urdu on the back side is incorrect. Incase one doesn't know Urdu, the easy way to identify this is by Prefix. If the Prefix is between A to U, then its incorrect, the V series is continued from Incorrect to Correct. From W to Y prefix, it would be in correct Urdu.
Prefix: A-V
Size: 63x117
IPM: C12

Jagannathan, Corrected urdu, No Inset
Prefix: V-Y
Size: 63x117
IPM: C13

Jagannathan, A Inset 
Prefix: A-D
Size: 63x117
IPM: C14

Jagannathan, No Inset
New Tractor Design Introduced for the first time.
Prefix: A-H
Size: 63x117
IPM: C15

KR Puri, No Inset
Prefix: H-W
Size: 63x117
IPM: C16

KR Puri, A Inset
Prefix: A-C
Size: 63x117
IPM: C17

M Narasimham, A Inset
Prefix: C-K
Size: 63x117
IPM: C18

IG Patel, A Inset
Prefix: K-W
Size: 63x117
IPM: C19

IG Patel, B Inset
Prefix: A-W
Size: 63x117
IPM: C20

IG Patel, C Inset
Prefix: A-R
Size: 63x117
IPM: C21

Manmohan Singh, C Inset
Prefix: S-W
Size: 63x117
IPM: C22

Manmohan Singh, D Inset
Prefix: A-T
Size: 63x117
IPM: C23

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