Definitive Coins - One Rupee - Part 3

This topic is organized in multiple posts. The post along with the previous post deals about the steel issues

Part One: Nickel and Cupro Nickel Large and small Issues
Part Two: Steel Issue
Part Three: This post

The adoption of Rupee symbol meant new designs. To avoid the controversy associated with the older designs, the time tested floral design was adopted. Apart for adoption of the Rupee Symbol, the size of the coins was reduced to the size of the old 50 paise coin. The edges have partial serrations.

The first coins introduced has a Thick Rupee symbol on this, this was minted by all the 4 mints in the first year, i.e. 2001. However a new die was introduced later in the same year, to make the Rupee symbol more thinner and this was used by Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad in the Year 2011. From 2012 onwards all mints used this new die. The same die variety also exists in Rs 2 denomination.

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