Definitive Coins - Ten Rupees - New Rupee Symbol

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This post is a three part series on the Rs 10 definitive coins.

Part 1: Unity in Diversity
Part 2: Connectivity and IT
Part 3: New Rupee Symbol

The third design quickly followed with the adoption of the Rupee Symbol in 2011. The overall theme was kept similar to the older “Connectivity and IT” Design with some small changes.

The Obverse shows the Ashoka Lion Capitol with “Bharat” in Hindi on left side and India in English on Right side. The Date is below. This is slightly different than the older design where the Bharat/India was in the top portion.

The Reverse shows 10 radiating lines instead of the 15 earlier. There is Rupee Symbol and hence the words Rupees in English and in Hindi are no longer present. The Value 10 is below compared to in center in the previous design.

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