1991 - Tourism Year - Proof Set

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This article gives the details of Proof Set. For UNC Set refer to the next article

As part of Tourism Year celebrations in the year 1991, apart from VIP Set and 3 Proof Set, there were 3 UNC Sets released.
The details are;

With an aim of boosting tourism in India, the year “1991” was designated as “TOURISM YEAR” – a year to be devoted for the development of tourism in the country. To commemorate this, a 1 rupee coin was issued on 25.12.1991 for general circulation. The other coins issued in this theme, in the denomination of 2 rupees and 5 rupees, were only issued as proof and uncirculated specimens

VIP Set:
Coins of Rs 5, Rs 2 and Rs 1
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Proof Set 1: Coins of Rs 5, Rs 2 and Rs 1

Proof Set 2:
Coins of Rs 5 and Rs 2

Proof Set 3:
Single Coin of Rs 5

UNC Sets:
Refer the next article for details on UNC Sets

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