2004 - 150 Years of Indian Post - UNC Set

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In the Year 2004, a second commemorative was released with the theme 150 years of Indian post. The Post and Telecommunication started their journey together in India during the British era. A commemorative for the Telecommunication was also released this year.
The details are;

The Department of Posts functioning under the brand name India Post, is a government operated postal system, it is generally referred to within India as "the post office".
The Indian Postal Service, with 155,333 post offices, is the most widely distributed post office system in the world. The large numbers are a result of a long tradition of many disparate postal systems which were unified in the Indian Union post-Independence. Owing to this far-flung reach and its presence in remote areas, the Indian postal service is also involved in other services such as small savings banking and financial services
The Indian Postal Services were established in the current format largely under the East India company. It was first established under the name "Company Dawk". In 1688, the first post office of the Company Post was established at Bombay/Madras. The system was reorganized and the service opened to the general public by Warren Hastings, the first governor general of Bengal with supervisory powers over Bombay and Madras, in 1774. A Postmaster General was appointed and metal tickets or tokens were issued to pay for the postal charges. The presidencies of Bombay and Madras followed suit.
In 1835 a Committee was set up for unification of customs and postal system of all the presidencies. The result was the first Indian Post Office Act of 1837. It not only provided for uniform rates and routes but for the uniform designs and other specifications of the postmarks for each category of post office. A Commission was setup in 1850 and submitted its report in 1851 that resulted in the post office act of 1854. Under the provisions of this act, the monopoly of carrying mail in the entire area of British possessions in India were granted to Indian Post office and office of the Director General of Post Offices of India was established. Mr. H P A B Riddle, till then the Postmaster General of North West Presidency, was appointed the first Director General in May 1854

Proof Set: 2 Coins Set of Rs 100 and Rs 5
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UNC Set: Coins of Rs 100 and Rs 1

UNC Set - Re-Strike: Coins of Rs 100 and Rs 1
The package remains the same. Except R-2010 embossed over the Outer cover and on Obverse cover.

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