Journey Through Indian Definitive Coinage - Rupee Denomination - Part 4

This Post is Organized as a 4 Part Series. Please click Previous for the Previous Part

Journey through Indian Definitive -
     Major Design wise Part 1
     Major Design wise Part 2

     Denomination Wise Part 3
     Denomination Wise Part 4

The first part gives the details of the Paise denomination. This part gives the details of Rupee denomination.

One Rupee
Initially there was a Rupee before the decimal coinage was introduced. The decimal coinage did not change the value. In the new avatar it was minted in Pure Nickel it soon lost its value got converted into Cupro Nickel finally in steel. The size was reduced in 2011.
The Rs 1 note was finally discontinued in the year 1994. This is the longest instance where both the coins and notes co-existed for nearly 47 years.

Two Rupee
The Rs 2 was first introduced in 1990 and then size reduced. It got converted into Steel in 2004. The size reduced in 2011.

Five Rupee
The Rs 5 finally made way into definitive in the year 1992. Initially this was in Cupro-Nickel before getting converted into Steel briefly and then to Nickel Brass.

Ten Rupee
Introduced in the year 2005, the coin already underwent 3 design changes. The metal used was Bi-Metallic.

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