Definitive Coins - 50 Paise - Part 4 - Stainless Steel Issues

This topic is organized in multiple posts.

  • First Post gives the details of Nickel Issues
  • Second Post gives the details of Cupro-Nickel Issues
  • Third Post gives the details of Stainless Steel Issues
  • Fourth Post gives the details of Stainless Steel Issues

50 Paise - Series Seven - Mudra Design
In 2008 the Mudra Design was adopted to 50 paise coin. The design on Rs 1 was Hand Gesture from Bharat Natyam, “Mushthi” meaning clenched fist. For more on Mudra read “A tale of 3 designs”. The design was struck from 2008 to 2010.

Series Eight –New Floral Design with reduced size
The design was changed to the standard floral design. The size was reduced to that of the 25 paise coin and the 25 paise denomination was withdrawn from circulating coinage.

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