Specimen Currency Of India - Part 1

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This article is written as 3 part series.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Note: I do not have any of these notes, lest the authorities are after me. These images were compiled from various auction houses.

Just like coins, there are currencies also printed for trial and verification purposes. Normally this is done on major design change or whenever a new governor takes over. The numbers on such notes are printed as Zero's. These are stamped as "Specimen" so that not to put into circulation.

The main purpose of printing such notes is to verify that everything is in order so that production can begin. These notes are not supposed to go out of the Government Press. However at times these find their way to various collectors.

Bimal Jalan Specimen of Rs 10, Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 500

C Rangrajan of Rs 100, Rs 500

LK Jha Specimen of Rs 100

B Rama Rau Specimen of Rs 10

S Jagannathan Rs 10 and Rs 20

Bimal Jalan Specimen of Rs 50

KG Ambegaonkar One Rupee Specimen

B Rama Rau Rs 5000 Specimen.
The only specimen to be released as an FDC

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