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Hyderabad Single Coin Set - Series III

The New Die:

It appears that the Hyderabad Mint used a new Plaster and created new Mother Dies / Master Hubs.
On all the coins struck from Hyderabad Mint, the Rs 75, Rs 10, Rs 5 and Rs 2 the Platinium Jubliee contains and additional matra [Halant] below the word "m".

The Current Hyderabad Mint Strikes

 The Old Strikes by Various Mints, including Mumbai for Proof and UNC

The Page 5 Designs:

As part of Series 3, the Hyderabad Mint for the first time introduced some 2 coin UNC set with * mint mark and quite a few Single Coin Sets ... this post discusses the page 5 coin designs on these sets.

The RBI Single coin sets has images of the Circulation coins issued by respective Mints. IE in recent times, the RBI is the only circulation commemorative issue that was issued by only one mint for each denomination, the Rs 1 was from Hyderabad, the Rs 2 from Kolkata, the Rs 5 from Mumbai and the Rs 10 from Noida.

Unlike the previous issue on Commonwealth games where only one image was used and colored steel and golden, they used the images of circulation strikes by respective mints, instead of the good UNC Strikes from Mumbai mint. Maybe the Hyderabad Mint has to still figure out all the finer details that go into a package.

The mystery deepens for coins of Civil Aviation, ICMR and CAG.
Here there were circulation strikes available from Hyderabad mint for all the 3. However the mint choose to use images of Mumbai Mint for CAG, a horrible Hyderabad mint for Civil Aviation and Kolkata Mint for ICMR.
As to why a nice art work was not used when available for these 3 is something which best left to speculation.


Hyderabad Single Coin Set - Series II

The 11 Single Coins sets from Hyderabad mint are nicely done in packaging ...

Error in Louis Braille Spelling;

Although the packaging looks great ... notice the blunder in the name ... Instead of Louis BraiLLE, the mint has written it as Louis BraiLEE ....I mean this is not the first time Mint has issued this, so they would have the correct spelling ... even if they had noticed the art work, they would noticed the error ...
Now Initially I had thought the mint a great job, however it looks sloppy in quite a few area's ... See the other post on Single Coin Sets ...

Page 5 Design

I couldn't but help notice the logo used on Page 5 ...
Some are nice art work ... while the other are shabby coin images ... at times from other mints ...On Gur-Ta-Gaddi and Mother Teresa there was already a nice art work existing but why the mint choose to use coin images not sure ...

The Ones that are nice


The other left to be desired ...

For Gu-Ta-Gaddi they used a coin image from Hyderabad mint, as to why they did not use the art work that was used in the initial strikes is surprising ...

If you look at the Games ... not only did they take the image from a Mumbai Mint coin, they took only one image and photo edited to make it look Gold / Silver ... see the image more closely and you would notice the scratch near the mint mark, making it the same coin ... 

Rather than using the Mother Teresa coin image that has such a glare ... instead of using the nice artwork ...

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